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  • Animal Pattern Scissors 2s Assorted

    Animal Pattern Scissors 2s Assorted

    P/NO: 361236
    Catalogue References: S08408
    Retail Barcode: 5012128268212
    Pack Price£9.69
    Pack Qty12
    Equiv. Price Each£0.81
  • Choice Trimming Knife

    Choice Trimming Knife

    P/NO: 133324
    Catalogue References: S10212
    Retail Barcode: 5014749559137
    Pack Price£5.72
    Pack Qty6
    Equiv. Price Each£0.95
  • Choice Household Scissors 6in

    Choice Household Scissors 6in

    P/NO: 133306
    Catalogue References: S10208
    Retail Barcode: 5014749558123
    Pack Price£7.68
    Pack Qty6
    Equiv. Price Each£1.28
  • Craft/Utility Knife Carded

    Craft/Utility Knife Carded

    P/NO: 132880
    Catalogue References: S04807
    Retail Barcode: 5021827105933
    Pack Price£8.44
    Pack Qty12
    Equiv. Price Each£0.70
  • Hobby Scissors Assorted

    Hobby Scissors Assorted

    P/NO: 132662
    Catalogue References: S04811
    Retail Barcode: 5060249495567
    Pack Price£14.38
    Pack Qty24
    Equiv. Price Each£0.60
  • Smiles Safe Scissors Pack 2

    Smiles Safe Scissors Pack 2

    P/NO: 132655
    Catalogue References: S08005,T06207
    Retail Barcode: 5060249495284
    Pack Price£8.66
    Pack Qty10
    Equiv. Price Each£0.87
  • Large Scissors Carded

    Large Scissors Carded

    P/NO: 132321
    Catalogue References: S04808
    Retail Barcode: 5060249492979
    Pack Price£18.89
    Equiv. Price Each£1.57
  • Medium Scissors Carded

    Medium Scissors Carded

    P/NO: 132320
    Catalogue References: S04809
    Retail Barcode: 5060116337495
    Pack Price£14.97
    Equiv. Price Each£1.25
  • Small Scissors Carded

    Small Scissors Carded

    P/NO: 132319
    Catalogue References: S04810
    Retail Barcode: 5060249492948
    Pack Price£13.01
    Equiv. Price Each£1.08

Items 1 to 9 of 10 total

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