Pencil Sharpeners & Erasers

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  • Helix Large Tablet Eraser On promotion

    Helix Large Tablet Eraser

    P/NO: 041010
    Catalogue References: S06401,P01908
    Retail Barcode: 5060375975049
    Prom RRP£0.69
    Pack Price£4.00
    Pack Qty10
    Equiv. Price Each£0.40
  • Helix Oxford Erasers Pack 3 On promotion

    Helix Oxford Erasers Pack 3

    P/NO: 041220
    Catalogue References: S06402,P01909
    Retail Barcode: 079252330692
    Prom RRP£0.99
    Pack Price£5.70
    Pack Qty10
    Equiv. Price Each£0.57
  • Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser

    Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser

    P/NO: 075070
    Catalogue References: S06406
    Retail Barcode: 4007817504598
    Pack Price£16.88
    Pack Qty20
    Equiv. Price Each£0.84
  • Dinosaur Large Eraser

    Dinosaur Large Eraser

    P/NO: 083002
    Catalogue References: 083002E
    Retail Barcode: 5060212882530
    Pack Price£5.13
    Pack Qty12
    Equiv. Price Each£0.43
  • Twin Hole Metal Sharpener On promotion

    Twin Hole Metal Sharpener

    P/NO: 132322
    Catalogue References: S06404,P01911
    Retail Barcode: 5060116337587
    Prom RRP£0.69
    Pack Price£4.80
    Pack Qty12
    Equiv. Price Each£0.40
  • Club Eraser Pack Carded On promotion

    Club Eraser Pack Carded

    P/NO: 132323
    Catalogue References: S06405,P01912
    Retail Barcode: 5060116337709
    Prom RRP£0.79
    Pack Price£5.40
    Pack Qty12
    Equiv. Price Each£0.45
  • Cylinder Sharpeners Twin Hole Assorted

    Cylinder Sharpeners Twin Hole Assorted

    P/NO: 132667
    Catalogue References: S06407
    Retail Barcode: 5060249498360
    Pack Price£9.80
    Pack Qty24
    Equiv. Price Each£0.41
  • Pencil Erasers Tub 30s

    Pencil Erasers Tub 30s

    P/NO: 227047
    Catalogue References: S06408
    Retail Barcode: 5016873018009
    Pack Price£3.11
    Pack Qty30
    Equiv. Price Each£0.10
  • Ink/Pencil Erasers Tub

    Ink/Pencil Erasers Tub

    P/NO: 227048
    Retail Barcode: 15016873018013
    Pack Price£2.73
    Pack Qty25
    Equiv. Price Each£0.11

Items 1 to 9 of 12 total

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